Wild Fire Fallout

This summer some of my collaborative projects were paused, on hiatus.

Tim Conrad APR, a public relations and communications specialist, was called out of province for his crisis communications services. The wild fires throughout the province of BC called in resources in excess of their own, from across the country and around the world, for the months of July to September.

Throughout October and November, the Cariboo Regional District outreach team (with supporting data from the Cariboo Fire Centre) has been hosting community consultation nights, from as far east as 100 Mile House to its north point of Prince George. A measure to collect feedback from the public, and gauge whether their courses of action were correct, and/or what could be improved for the next emergency.


Through pull-up banners and PowerPoint infographics, I was able to translate their data and documentation into a visual communication, where information is more quickly absorbed than reading text.

I enjoy collaborating with Tim. The projects that come through him challenge my design mind, we work in different circles, and my work/portfolio grows because of our association. It’s essential to have people on our side to push us to do greater things. Our work together goes back to 2011.


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