Focus on the Joy

What a great few months I have had! I’ve gotten into a good rhythm with two soon-to-be-authors whose self publishing I am assisting.

The creative process… It’s wild and wonderful, isn’t it?! A great article describes the four steps included:

  1. Preparation
  2. Incubation
  3. Illumination
  4. Implementation

One STBA began at the Implementation stage, already having a library of writings in her arsenal. The second STBA has been in the Incubation stage for a number of years, is gathering together the puzzle pieces, and is on the cusp of Illumination.

I understand busy weeks, and schedules that can get dominated by children’s priorities. Getting into the flow of the creation can absolutely be the hardest part of the whole process – the Zone we all long for.

I made a point not to put a timeline on these projects when they began, BUT I insisted that we make weekly contact to ensure the projects are moving forward. Sometimes, even a chit chat during a hectic week can provide the necessary forward motion or lightbulb to keep a flow going. I wish to honor each of my client’s individual creative processes, and know that the best work comes in its own time.

‘Focus on the joy’ floated through my head this month, as a light to lift a friend through the pressure she’s feeling before her first art show. I believe such thinking can truly help us see above what feels heavy at the moment, and can be a catalyst to get us into the Zone – the light at the end of the tunnel is joy.

May your creative pursuits end in joy, my friends. Even with the works that are seen by no one but ourselves, there is expression there; a communication that has a need to surface, if perhaps only for our own personal growth.




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