The Stripes

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Most often, I use The Stripes vertically. It has become my brand identity signature. But, what do these stripes stand for? Why do I use them everywhere?

Well, the larger portion contains cyan, magenta, yellow and black and signify my background working with print materials. A newspaper web press, for instance, uses these four ink colors to print all color in their publications; a combination also known as CMYK.

It dawned on me, after I initiated using these 4 stripes, that I now had experience with digital materials as well, such as the goROGUE app. The digital landscape uses red, blue, green; RGB for short. So, they’ve been included. The purple addition signifies the ether, where all ideas come from.

After creating the graphic, it reminded me of the SMPTE color bars, the test pattern on analog television. That made me like it even more.

I like that it’s bright and colorful. When creating my brand identity materials, I found it difficult to put photography, graphic design and publishing into a graphic, so I solely used a black/white wordmark logo. I find that these colorful stripes reflect me, as an individual; being a sole proprietorship, I can do that. I especially enjoy how the yellow, used within my profile photo, pops within social media sites, even as a thumbnail.

I enjoy working with brand identity materials. How these elements get used throughout your numerous print and digital marketing materials, provides a consistent look and feel. Over a time span, proper use of these brand identity materials creates recognition, and the audience’s brand awareness is heightened.


Whether a business perspective, a personal tale or work of fiction, publishing will elevate your status

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Are you thrilled, intrigued by the idea of authoring your own book? I’m fascinated by storytelling.

You will feel empowered with my guided approach to create your own book project. “I’m not a writer” you may say, but that does not mean you don’t have a story to share. Let me ease the overwhelm or procrastination you may have experienced, delivering a sense of accomplishment and pride when you hold you own published book in your hands, have it to share with friends and family, and generate revenue from sales.

What excites and motivates you? What would you love to share with the world? What lessons have you learned? What rolls around in your imagination?

My publishing services includes time management, editing, layout, cover design and marketing for your book project.

It could be a 12 page lead-generation marketing ebook to share with prospective clients. It could be a 60 page, short chapter novel. It could be a 200 page biography, that gets shared through print, digital and audio.

Sales of published book projects will be the onus of the author. I include marketing materials, such as Facebook ads, for the author’s self promotion needs.

Connect with me to start the conversation about your book concept.



This past week, I purged a number of items. Sorting through bins of college material, photo bins and art projects, I came across more books I had forgotten I owned. Two years ago I was gifted a number of books, many of them genres I wouldn’t normally chose for myself. Combined with the summer vibe as of late, I found myself with the time to pick up one of them, and read through a fiction novel titled Black Unicorn, by Tanith Lee.

I was pulled in instantly, to the author’s imaginary world. I marvel at times, with the ease some writers have for detachment with this world and immersing themselves in the gifts from the ether.

I forgot that feeling of getting totally immersed in a story, feeling torn when pulled away to deal with responsibilities, and the utter sadness once you’ve finished reading.

Fiction covers such an assortment of categories – thriller, superhero, romance, political, historical, psychological, fantasy, science.

I believe my impressions were set in high school, that if you were a writer, fiction was all there was. Feeling unimaginative and unable to express myself properly in those years, as much as I loved English class, I didn’t feel like a writer. Twenty years forward, I find writing a great personal outlet; a way of discovering my personal underlying thoughts and  issues and resolving them through reading what I just typed out.

Which section do you tend to view first at a book store? Is it the same every time, or does it depend on current events?

Writing is marvelous. No matter the genre, it’s the truest form of expression.



Are you a nonfiction writer/author or consumer? When it comes to reading, I’ll make more time for nonfiction, as I feel I’ll take more away from it – personal lessons, guidance and whatnot. Fiction still has its place. I’m more inclined to view works of fiction, such as sci-fi and fantasy genre films.

I recently joined the Nonfiction Authors Association; see my listing here:


Nonfiction really excites me! I started to gather a list of people and keywords that fit in my own target market; people I wish to attract to assist in writing their own stories, and people who would be attracted to this content as well.

Movers & Shakers
Men & Women
Teens – 80’s
Risk takers
Income ranges.. from broke to made their riches
Indomitable Spirit

Me and my lists! lol Honestly though, as I shared with a beautiful soul looking to pursue his personal projects, I always tell my sons to start with a list for their ideas. These lists are puzzle pieces (see my earlier blog post ) and their value becomes understood in time.

I love to share guidance with people that are beginning their writing endeavors. I’m available for time management, editing, design and marketing for book publishing. As someone who has worked her way through the creative process, experienced the good and the bad, the light and the dark, I feel I’ve become a valuable resource for others, and can offer support and guidance for writers and authors looking to create their first, or series of, book projects.