Photobooks and book design

I have photobooks on the brain this morning. Being that my photography career began with taking photos for publications, ie: yearbook, it feels very organic to build books. I GEEKOUT on book design!

I have had my vision narrowed to business communication needs over the past few years. I personally veered away from the wedding industry. It struck me today how much I loved creating photobooks with wedding photos. Not that I feel drawn to devote myself to wedding photography again, I believe I wish to partner with local wedding photographers who desire to have a photobook be their final product, albeit this may not necessarily be a skill they possess.

I love collaboration. I love images. I love visual storytelling and how the flow of a layout can help create such a feel. We’ll see where this intuition leads me today.



Share your joy with me… and let’s build on it

Passionate people, interactive storytelling, cultivating culture. These things interested me before, enough to build an app about them, and there was great reason for this. It’s one of the most beautiful things I witness in this world – how people light up when they share their joy.

I love to ask questions about people’s ideas. I’m a curious mind. Show me, describe it to me, draw it out; I love all the ways people can share what is going on in that mind of theirs. My father was just this type. He always had ideas, and always needed a piece of paper to draw them out. I always had questions, he always had answers.

It’s through this idea sharing, these conversations based on business planning, I’m able to help others intuit what could be missing within their strategies. It’s not that I have all the answers, I ask the right questions, allowing others, clients, to discover for themselves what is the next best step for their path.

And, go!