My Twitter game

I’m coming up on my sixth year of tweeting. Twitter has been a door for me, a place of honest self expression, respect for the universe, a place I set an intention to only express positivity.

On the very last day of 2015, a friend posted an article, on Facebook, titled ’18 Habits of Highly Creative People’. Of all of those types of lists I view, I truly identified so much with this one. So much, in fact, that I listed them in my notebook, and then decided I would tweet each one daily, adding my own commentary. 

My Twitter game fluxuates, quite like the ebb and flow of my creative work. This time last year I was trying to connect with new, local people, but to my dismay, #Whitecourt does not have many active tweeters; the majority of hashtagged posts are business agendas and push strategies. I loved Twitter for the opportunities of conversation, debate, idea sharing and growing my circle that I found when I was active with #gpab tweeters in Grande Prairie. This also occured with #PEI tweeters, and the global users that I found shared interests with. I accepted the change and my tweets started to reflect the norm of what I see shared in this community. But, that’s not me.

Starting the list of 18 gave me an opportunity to share my opinions again. It also helped me analyze how my creative mind works in the everyday, not necessarily just when in creative mode. I know I had the tendency to get down on myself when not actively working on an exciting project, but a great friend reminded me of the ebb and flow creatives live through. So I take more in stride now, I don’t pressure myself the same way I once did, I have love for my self through all my stages.

1. Daydream

2. Observe everything

3. Work the hours that work for you

4. Take time for solitude

5. Turn life’s obstacles around

6. Seek out new experiences

7. Fail up

8. Ask the big questions

9. People watch

10. Take risks

11. View all of life as an opportunity for self expression

12. Follow true passions

13. Get out of your head

14. Lose track of time

15. Surround yourself with beauty

16. Connect the dots

17. Constantly shake things up

18. Make time for mindfulness

Today was number 17 – constantly shake things up. My whole month of January has had this theme. January also included numbers 6, 4 and 10. Even a bit of 13 and 15. 

My greatest influence with number 17 was a recent video by Matt Kahn. I’ve learned many, many positive lessons by listening to Matt.

Tomorrow will be the last post of my 18. Expanding on this list has circulated new, wonderful energy for me this month. It got me back into tweeting regularly. It was a catalyst to infuse my personal expression into an account that was feeling stagnant; just putting out tweets that were locally accepted content. The list infused my daily life with creative energy and personal acceptance in a time which I’m not actively creative; something I’ve identified too strongly with at times.

To read my expanded tweets on the list of 18, view my Twitter profile @EXPOSUREpdp.