Intuition and the Puzzle Pieces

There is something about following intuition. Projects I create, writings I start, bits here and there become puzzle pieces, to a puzzle I don’t know about for years to come. If I did not follow these intuitions, there would be no grand puzzle in my life. So, in a sense, I’m glad I take on these things that compel me, without understanding why. It’s a trust in life that I’ve learned.


In reading more about reiki lately, I’ve come to learn that some people communicate with trees. I’m a person who finds positive results from meditating (almost) daily. I have a love of trees (my Compelling Tree is on the next block to my home). I believe that if you breathe and listen, wisdom will come to you, so I didn’t doubt the ‘speaking to trees’ phenomenon. The last two weekends that my children have been away I have felt compelled to go find a tree to listen to. This past weekend I made time for it. The area I live in is very connected to the natural environment, a reason I believe I have felt so at home here since my December move. I took my camera with me and travelled about 10 minutes west. I came across a lake with a beaver lodge. It looked very picturesque so I pulled over for photos. Once I got in the long grass, trying to find my angle, I could tell I was in a beaver construction zone and this beautiful energy filled me. It felt spiritual. Later, I googled ‘Spirit Animal Beaver Energy’ and read an inspiring article, . I felt blessed for the experience. I wanted more information. I searched the same keywords on YouTube and found a lovely National Geographic documentary (I’m a lifelong fan of National Geographic) . In watching how the beavers construct their homes, I was blown back to the research I started about two years ago on eco homes. I not only started research on it, but developed a business plan for an iOS app business to promote the whole industry in Alberta. This was intended to pitch to the Whitecourt Top Guns competition in 2014, which I backed out of at the last moment. I hadn’t yet been living in Whitecourt at that time, but had come across the competition on Twitter. Since moving here, I have now developed business relationships with individuals who act as panel members for the Top Guns competition, and may ask to bend their ears over some idea sharing.


This morning (I love to work in the dark, do my meditation and yoga time all in the dark, early mornings) I received another email message about Facebook page activity. My goROGUE page is still receiving 50+ visits per month. This is a page that has not been active for 2+ years, yet it still receives regular visits. In a earlier post in January, , I spoke about these Facebook hits and the digital footprint I’ve created. I believe there’s something in the name, goROGUE, that is drawing people. I understand with my life, there are some things I do that are before my time. Maybe there is a critical mass now that is ready for, and looking to, go rogue.

I have maintained the principles that I set forth in the goROGUE app. That app was not just connecting a community, but telling of a healthy structure I wished for my own life. My earlier post: . In my writing this morning I have wondered if I shall cover these categories/sections still and post them on the Facebook page, make it active again. I can see article ideas for each of the sections – Music & Entertainment, Art, Community, Business, Sports & Recreation, Youth, Enviro and Food. It’s all culture. If they get shared, they get shared. There is no cost to publish in this sense. Conversely, there is no income to be made of it. The possibility may still exist to find an investor, but creating an app takes months, and I’m not sure I believe sharing community goings-on is something that should wait months to be shared. The eco home app idea, however, is just the project that takes time to create, is ideal to be published and shared through a high tech method. This project was also an income generator, and would produce a home for my family afterwards. The eco home app idea really did excite me, and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t ready to share it back over a year ago.

As always, we’ll see where it goes.

Do you ever have ideas that compel you? What intuitions have you followed and how did it turn out?