Have you ever wished to self publish?

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There are many reasons people wish to write, to publish, to self publish.

In an earlier post, https://exposurepdp.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/self-publishing/ I spoke of my experiences, at the time, with self publishing.

This morning an idea struck me – I should/ maybe I could teach people how to self publish.

Last night I was transferring a book pdf to my devices, and was reminded of how I love to build books. I’m not so much a writer myself (though I do enjoy journaling and creative writing for expressions’ sake), rather I’m a strategic/creative collaborator, so the project, the process, of book building is quite appealing to me.

My first book collaboration was Everyday Delectable http://www.amazon.ca/Everyday-Delectable-Redawna-Kalynchuk/dp/1467973505 in December, 2011.

While I seek out teaching opportunities locally, (i.e.: whether there is a community school, etc..) I’ll begin to research and note-take on the topic, to build the lesson. So far, my list goes:

• Digital or Print – Kindle, iBooks or Amazon (CreateSpace)?

• Will there be photography or illustrations, or is the majority of the content text?

• What length are they looking for? A guide, a report, a novel, a biography..?

• What is the main theme, concept?

• Can you build a working TOC – Table of Contents?

• Who can you see reading your material?

• Brainstorming web

• Do you enjoy (creative) writing or is there information you wish to share?

These would be some of the initial concepts I would discuss with participants.

Have you ever wished to self publish? I feel there’s no better way to learn than to do. There are things you’ll learn through the process that no one could have ever prepared you for. And even if the end goal takes years to accomplish, that’s the way creative projects work. There’s always personal growth in each and every project I’ve collaborated on. Sometimes, that’s the best gift.