Design Love

I actually feel good design. Like a sigh of relief, a calmness, an ease. A well thought-out design is! It’s a sensory experience.

The space that I live in now gave me such a feeling when I first walked in. It is such a well thought-out layout, I love it everyday.

As with fonts, mentioned previously, when a design feels like it has not been executed properly, my brain feels sCaTtErEd. These can be designs in architecture, typography, graphic design, desktop publishing, fashion design, interior design, even color combinations. I feel irked, anxious, I can’t let it go. If I can modify the item or object, I will attempt to.

Is it OCD? I definitely share traits, but no, I don’t have OCD. It’s part of being an artist, a designer. It’s what I’m accepting within myself, my authenticity, that I have often shied away from sharing with others, because I KNOW I sound like a weirdo. I have to feel trust with people before I’ll share this inner world.

I created a list the other day, of photograph ideas, titled: Pictures of Pleasing Things. What a silly list, but I probably will slowly check it off. (To have my own gallery show has been a long-time goal for my life). I reread that list, and I find myself smiling. How could I not pursue something that brings happiness?! That’s design love. Happiness is what I feel with good design. So go design things – design your life, design your day, design your computer wallpaper, design your car interior, design your smartphone wallpaper, design your fridge door.. whatever you spend a lot of time interacting with, design some part of it; something that pleases you and can bring a breath of happiness to you whenever you view it.