Fun with Fonts

My entry into graphic design is a somewhat ass-backwards way (or is it a millennial way?) into a trade.

While in college, enrolled in Photography, I was paired up with a Visual Communications student for a collaborative project within our Media & Communications department. The project was designing book covers.

This student started to share their love of fonts with me. I had no idea what he was talking about! How could letters evoke feelings? How could a letter style make you feel good or feel aggravated? Create a mood or atmosphere? I listened intently, I was fascinated nonetheless and it stuck with me.

My background with desktop publishing, in Adobe Pagemaker, is what opened the door of graphic design for me while employed at the Daily Herald Tribune newspaper in Grande Prairie. Their software was QuarkXpress, later upgraded to (my native) Adobe InDesign.! I get it now. After practicing your art for so long, things become second nature. This is what fonts are for me now.

Years later, I reconnected with that project partner, and would you believe, he was still talking about fonts! He recommended the film ‘Helvetica’. It is a brilliant film, and sums up this person for me. Everything he tried to teach me from the beginning, and more, felt covered in this film. With some digging you can find it online or in the iTunes Store. Here is the YouTube extended trailer:

Next time a piece of advertising or packaging grabs your attention, take an extra moment to look at the fonts chosen. Subliminal expressions and identity are encapsulated in those letters. Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter with the inspiration you find. I love to share the excitement of discovery.