Communication through imagery

What do you think is the time frame for the brain to process information through imagery versus time taken to read text? I believe there is an innate understanding within our wiring to process imagery simultaneous to viewing it. We feel an emotion, be it positive or negative. This is why I strongly suggest the use of images with storytelling, in billboards and other top-of-mind advertising. To quote, “To read text, the brain needs to act as a decoder first, matching those letters with shapes stored in memory. From there the brain must figure out how all the letters fit together to form words, how words form sentences, and how sentences form paragraphs. Although all this comprehension takes place in only a split second, relatively speaking, when compared to how the brain deals with images, the process requires considerably more mental effort.” “There’s something almost quite magical about visual information. It’s effortless. It literally pours in.” To read further:

We are now in an age where images are everywhere. Facebook analytics state the power of ads and posts with images versus those that are solely text.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Eagle River Chrysler. Their sales team were looking to communicate ‘No need to travel for a great deal’, (in Whitecourt, where I am located, the capital city of Edmonton is 1.5 hours away). Their’s was a friendly and approachable team! It was this energy I wanted to communicate to others, who haven’t had the pleasure of working with this group yet. They work like a team, there is mutual respect, they were inviting and professional. Tammy, the Sales Manager, in looking to share their message in new areas here in Whitecourt, approached the team I work with at Impact Video Boards. As she shared, they are a fairly new sales team together (within 6 months), and she thought a friendly group picture would accompany their message nicely.

I have previously encouraged businesses to share photos of their team members. Speaking for myself, I have good facial recognition memory. Let’s say I visit a spa and really like the girl I worked with. When rescheduling and requesting that certain person, I’m more inclined to describe their looks rather than remember their name. At one spa, in particular, I photographed each esthetician’s head shot, which were then framed by the entry way with a name plate for each member of the team. Visitors became more knowledgeable as to who their esthetician was, who might be their next choice and so on. By getting customers and potential customers acquainted with the faces they will be dealing with, this establishes somewhat of an introduction to a relationship, even before the initial meeting.

The team at Eagle River Chrysler also wanted to include one of their pickup trucks in the photo. Their promotion for that month was intended to drive sales of pickup trucks. In discussions with our designer at Impact Video Boards, she suggested a vertical photo. Each of the video ads are 10 seconds long, so images need to share the frame with text and/or graphics/logos. It was very beneficial to have this pre-production discussion, as, naturally with a truck, I would have photographed the group horizontally. Communication is crucial in collaborations. After buffing the front grill, the Dodge emblem, and hood, I strategically placed each sales team member in a portraiture fashion – professional, traditional and friendly with inviting gestures. With the mid-day sun to their left, I used a fill flash, and asked for assistance for my light reflector. The reflector ensured light was aimed at the Dodge emblem on the grill, (which was black and naturally absorbs light) and to fill in any further shadow areas on the right hand side of the individual’s faces. Photographed from left to right are: Blaine Hoff, Tammy Duffy, Shawn Listhaeghe and Brandon Stuckless.    With the permission of Impact Video Boards and Eagle River Chrysler, you can view the photograph used in their video ad. Thank-you to Tammy for the opportunity to work with this wonderful group!

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