Get to know where you are..

Some advice I received at age 16 stuck with me to this day: “Get to know where you are, Ellen, before you move on”. Words from Ron Eckroth, my first photography course instructor, a gentleman from Alberta who had moved to Prince Edward Island. I was overly anxious to leave my small island and go join National Geographic. His advice led me to discover so much ‘off the beaten path’ in eastern PEI. After some time I even believed I would make an excellent tour guide to show tourists the most beautiful scenery spots to have their portraits taken at. 

Combined with my interest in town councils and ‘what’s going on’ in communities, I believe these things have led to me to getting to know my community no matter where I have lived. 

#MyWhitecourtLife is a new hashtag trend I see being plugged by Twitter and Facebook users in this area, and I believe I’ll start to use the hashtag more often to share the great #shoplocal businesses whose products I like to capture. 

I believe strongly in entrepreneurs and smart business owners; sharing their stories is something I began doing in, and was the premise of, #goROGUE.

Getting to know many local business owners through my work with Impact Video Boards, also exposes me to products and services I might not be drawn to on my own, but I believe places me as a perfect conduit to share info through #MyWhitecourtLife.

Look for photos and maybe mixed media, shared through my Twitter account – @exposurepdp, my Instagram – @exposurepdp and my Facebook page –