Where do YOU want to be seen?

This tagline is something that floated in my mind naturally.. it’s hope is to prompt people’s imagination about where they want their message to be seen. Be it a billboard, social media, a brochure, digital ad, poster, business cards, a rack card, a product book.. whatever is relevant to their business environment and where they anticipate their customers will be.



Digital Footprint

Oh, the power of the internet.

Since my move in December, I have adjusted my Twitter habits. My business account, @EXPOSUREpdp, has become my primary account. I have sought new follows in entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation, publishing, digital publishing (digipub), design and the like. Seeing as how I do not have a website and SEO, I do not have much control over what results people may find if you Googled ‘Exposure photo design publishing’. What you will come across in Google Images (as I use when researching others), is a wonderful review I received when publishing goROGUE. This review http://www.talkingnewmedia.com/2013/05/23/gorogue-a-new-digital-only-community-magazine-for-grande-prairie-alberta-shows-off-the-mag-platform/, from Talking New Media, is what I believe has sprung renewed interest in the goROGUE publication. My Facebook page for the publication has seen incredible numbers for visits since the new year. I believe I can attribute this to my targeted approach with Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 12.11.03 PM

I have had great feeling that 2015 is a year that I make the right moves, and will reap the benefits of such. I am one to keep grounded, keep in tune, have open eyes and ears, use what I need and give what I can, and go with my gut.

I’m enjoying the renewed interest in goROGUE. It is something my soul felt at home doing, and fear is what I let stop me. I believe I did a great job in laying out the business model for the app product, the design, the flow of the sections, and I still believe it can work in any community. Music & entertainment, art, community, business, sports & rec, youth, enviro, food.. these are all the elements I believe shape the culture of a community. Maybe Whitecourt will find a goROGUE in its midst.. Interactive storytelling – Passionate people – Cultivating culture

Strategy for attaining new clients

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I’ve made a move recently, to Whitecourt, a town of roughly 10,000 people. It is three hours southeast of Grande Prairie, where I had been residing since 2003. My services are available in Whitecourt and northern Alberta, as I have clients still in the Grande Prairie area.

I’ve come to see what areas of my life need improvement, and communication stood out on the top of the list. In a February 2014 post, I spoke about sales and relationships being an area where I felt a great deal of anxiety. But I don’t give up, I’m relentless like that. Things come full circle, I’ve identified more things about my personality, become more self aware, and am working on me while establishing my business in this new environment.

I identify as a strategic/creative personality, and am using this to drive forward my approach for attaining new clients. Two things I have worked on over the holidays were:

1. Business Profiles – Starting with a list of businesses that have caught my eye here in Whitecourt, I took to the internet to do some research. I review and take notes on their web presence; website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yellow Pages, Newspaper, LinkedIn, Pinterest, ReverbNation, Google +, Google Images, etc.. I evaluate the photos, level of engagement, business culture, how well they’re showing off their products and services, if their branding is evident and well executed. Basically what first impression I collect by looking at all of their materials online. And can I help? Do I see a need, can I fill a need? This way, when I approach a prospective client, I feel I’m familiar with their business and can anticipate their needs. But, I want to ask questions first, and not assume I know everything. I’m a team player, and realize every business has different budgets and resources, and I can work within those restraints.

2. Business Directory – I took it one step further, because there is no way I could find out about every business in town simply by driving around and keeping my eyes open. I created a directory of 72 categories. Slotting each business in their appropriate category, I could then Google that category name for this town, and see which businesses I had not been aware of, and added them to my lists. Now I feel I have a somewhat complete view of who and what is here.

This approach is something I developed when creating goROGUE in 2012/2013, the iOS digital magazine presented here in earlier posts.

Now, comes the hard part – approaching people. I identify as an introvert. My energy has to feel just right for me to have the confidence level I feel I need to really speak freely. I have been told it’s passion that sells people on things, I do find this to be true. If I’m approaching a prospective client, I’ve already sold myself on the fact that I believe I have a product/service that will benefit them, and that passionate feeling I have about my work will shine through.

I’m in the midst of finalizing marketing materials I will be sharing with businesses I speak with. A nice piece of advice I received this week was about asking for advice. Being a solo entrepreneur, I also need people to check my own materials before they go to the printers. I’ve had 5 friends/associates offer to review/proof my materials, and they’re offering wonderful perspectives.

It’s all a journey, folks. I’m enjoying the ride. I enjoy challenging myself. I enjoy being resourceful. I enjoy sharing ideas with people. I enjoy seeing my work printed/produced/published and viewable in a community.

Cheers to all in this new year, 2015!

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