This has been of year of refocus.

I’ve come to learn a hard lesson, by hitting a wall I’m sure many a happy workaholic have had to learn at some point – balance.

My family life required more attention. That is the direction I started to shift my energy to. It’s a scary proposition, when you work for yourself. Even though work creates billable hours to pay the bills, it does not create a loving bond between mother and child(ren).

I am on my own. I receive financial support, though I run the parenting scene around my home. I have been fortunate to pull off setting my own hours and schedule, to be motivated at weird times of the day to create business ideas as well as client ideas, to make adjustments as my children’s needs changed, and for that long while I believed I was a successful single parent entrepreneur.
What I didn’t pull into account, and something I didn’t know about myself, is that I see my creativity flows cyclically. Go figure. It never occurred to me how all things in life have an ebb and flow.

So, combine a need to focus more on parenting with a dwindling creative drive, it was easy to believe that maybe it was time to call it quits on my entrepreneurship. Only, the work that I do feels so native to my thinking, that it can’t quit it.

I’m ok with things. I learning about myself constantly, what works and what doesn’t. I’m still fortunate to be able to make adjustments as I see needed, for myself and my children. I believe these are some elements that help create a healthy work life balance and a loving home environment.