Seeds. Matter or mystical, physical or creative. Turn the soil, form a row, and happily spread the seeds you believe in. Do not stop there. Check back, share some water, remove the weeds, send them your love.

for Elsie


Skills and SWOT

In early 2007, I enjoyed a single semester at Grande Prairie Regional College. I enrolled in Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Marketing, and Small Business Management (a course which had a prerequisite for 2nd year business students by the next year). I really enjoyed each class, each for their own special reasons, but all of which I knew were going to give me increased knowledge of the small business world, the tools for entrepreneurship; a better business skill set.


Introduction to Accounting, Instructor: Tim. I was reminded that I should have followed every rule my mother every taught me about money! It was embarrassingly simple.. a first indicator of my stubborn tendencies, especially towards people closest to me. I do now keep really good monthly books, but hire a professional to prepare my tax documents. 2013 will be the first full year I have required a business tax number. EXPOSURE began in 2011.

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Introduction to Marketing, Instructor: Bill. My brain was firing off in new exciting directions! Ultimately, as much as I appreciate a good marketing mind, I saw my talents lie within the advertising realm, and now branding. I especially enjoyed reading case studies! Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.. Product, Price, Place, Promo.. Tools, Tactics, Time, Tenacity.. how resourceful, creative business minds work is a fascinating thing.

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Small Business Management, Instructor: Gwen. The text book I most often refer back to and recommend for others building business plans is from this class. For it was with this class, that a business plan was the final exam. A business plan including a cover letter, table of contents, executive summary of the business (description of business, vision statement, mission statement, products & services, the opportunity) and the business operations (target market, competition, marketing strategy, location, management & legal organization, human resources), the financial section (projected cash flow for first two years, projected income statements for the first year), any rate cards, client data, contract samples, relevant forms, and personal resumes.

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What I wanted to get to was case studies. goROGUE, the community app, first released on May 24, 2013 (though not launched until August 15, 2013), is now a great case study. I remember in the midst of it, I felt I would really benefit from a focus group, that I needed to see what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. I probably knew most of the answers myself, though I didn’t want to hear from other people, especially about issues I was aware of and felt I didn’t have the resources to do anything about.

Now, for a proper case study format:








Perhaps, in the future, I will share my goROGUE case study through a downloadable pdf, as I’m in the beginning stages of creating the essay.


Entry thoughts for near future posts:

1. Some initial thoughts in review of the app:  I will be reviewing how I envisioned each of the 8 sections of the magazine to flow in the future, but one thing is for certain – weakness wise, Sales and Relationships are where I felt a lot of anxiety.

2. It’s a time of reviewing for me, it seems, as I also start to analyze EXPOSURE, the parent company. goROGUE was a publication produced by EXPOSURE. It has been in operation since 2011, and serves a great variety of businesses, large and small. What do they all have in common? People. In life. I photograph utility workers, realtors, pub/club atmospheres/environments, artists at work and their artworks/portfolio copy work – painters/potters, chefs, families, computer developers, municipal employees, live musicians, business owners and their products, authors, writers, and brokers. Many times, my design skills are incorporated into the projects as well. There is a feeling of expansion being on the horizon for EXPOSURE, in a manner I’m not sure I ever could have fathomed. Exciting things for the future.

3. Theme seems to be: Keep taking risks. Do all things with love.

Peace and love to you!

Ellen 🙂