Interactive storytelling • Passionate people • Cultivating culture

goROGUE is a community magazine project I felt compelled to begin in October of 2012. Though I think the seed was actually planted in 2006. The magazine is viewable through iPad and iPhone. The first issue consists of 31 pages, and includes such sections as Music & Entertainment, Art, Community, Business, Youth, Enviro and Food. Each section consists of a feature story, followed by 1-2 smaller posts. I seek out passionate, inspiring people or contact people I’ve been referred to. We share a chat, and generally a photo session or mixed media capture on a future date. A variety of themes will be introduced in future issues, to be published generally every 4 months.

I have been, and continue to be, inspired by a variety of passionate people in our community. Our chats revolve around a number of questions I prepare, and later transcribe to include with their photo essay or video/audio media. Participants will be asked to proof  the feature when it is presentable. I photograph, video, record in a way I feel captures and compliments the people and story we’re telling.

Participating community members have received payment for their involvement in the first issue. All are hired on per use base • $/page proof • $ flat rate ad design/issue (>10) • $/column with photos, $/column without photos • $/image. Photos credits were posted for both contributors. All rates are set for the first year, 2013. Creating jobs wasn’t in my initial thoughts. I like that, as menial as the pay may be in the beginning, it will be for someone helping by contributing their gift. The public is highly encouraged to contribute, as this is a community project. ‘Cultivating culture’ intends that, through sharing, we’ll identify what collectively defines Grande Prairie. People sharing hobbies, history, interests, opinions, recreation, and recipes are things what will help us see ourselves with fresh perspective. The public is strongly encouraged to participate in whatever way they are gifted. This is a community publication aiming to ‘cultivate the culture’ of Grande Prairie, a digital Show & Tell, if you will. People are what make a place, it’s all about relationships.

I’m aiming to help people feel truly connected in such a day in age. I believe goROGUE has potential to become a social media hub for this community, as you’ll see throughout the business directory, just which businesses are engaging in social media. By portioning the city into north, east, west, south, and central sections, we may see an increase in shopping local. Within the Community section we’ll also be touching base with the neighbourhood associations and groups.

I want to encourage sharing the seeds of creativity. Things that are quirky are also things that add character, and the most unique things sometimes need the most support.

I feel good living in Grande Prairie. This feels like a pretty complete little city to me. I like having familiar faces to say hello to, other days I like that I can put my hood up and keep to myself. There are more exotic restaurants starting up. The Multiplex can boast about the unique, enormous centre they’ve set up. World Championships are held here.

Starting in the second issue, each section will feature a small sponsor logo near the top of the opening page. The logo will be tappable, and will launch into the sponsor’s ad. Right now this sponsorship it valued at $x, for quarterly space in this forward-thinking, socially responsible new media publication. Ads have the same multimedia possibilities as the pages they link off of.

Sponsors that are sought out will be relevant to the section they will sponsor. The feature will be nearing completion when sponsors are sought out, so they will be made aware of what their sponsorship is connected to.

I am able to conceive, initiate contact, interview, write, observe and add comment/opinion, photograph, video, record, design, seek sponsorships, direct ad creation process, publish, market, and sell goROGUE. I hire people I see have complimentary skills and will make a valuable contribution.

I have a downtown location, a commercial/residential space, where I have a dedicated office and studio space. For equipment, I have a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Nikon D200, Nikon Speedlight flash, Opus duo head monolight set with umbrellas, light meter, reflector, Monfrotto tripod and monopod, background stands, white paper backdrop, black muslin backdrop, and have access to a Sony Handycam.

I had put together this timeline as it relates to how I feel I’ve reached such a point in my career that I want to begin a community publication. It will be grew to see how this list continues to grow in the future.


1996 – high school editor in Souris, PEI, attended Lifetouch apprenticeship in Truro, NS. Covered desktop publishing software (PageMaker 3.0) involved with digital publishing of yearbooks.

2000-2002 attended and received diploma from Holland College for Photography: Media & Communications program.

2003 – arrived in Grande Prairie February 1.

2004 – began work with the Daily Herald Tribune. Aspired to be their photographer but was willing to start at the front desk. Later moved onto designing career ads and classifieds, followed by a designer position in the composing department. Realized there was no room to grow when working on the publication INK! was not in my cards. Started to brainstorm about what I would put it an arts & culture publication if I had one.

2006 – worked as designer/photographer for design studio. Brought me back to doing multiple page layouts, in this case catalogs. Worked on many design/branding campaigns for local non-profits, such as the United Way. This was also the place I met Bill Given and discovered a shared interest in a community paper.

2007 – enrolled in spring semester classes at GPRC to improve my business skills: Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Accounting, and Small Business Management. Became a member of Rotaract.

2010 – employed with the newspaper again, and expecting my second little one, I saw what I felt was wrong with the newspaper, how it was broken, and told myself that I intended to fix it. Started on Twitter.

2011 – started freelancing photography and graphic design; my interest in small business directed my work, as I would be inspired with random ideas for certain businesses, and would approach them to initiate projects.

2012 – the Love of Cities workshop opened my eyes to the perspectives of others in this city, and helped evolve how I was viewing my home. I created five different city themed t shirts, they continue for sale, and are posted on EXPOSURE’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/EXPOSURE.photo.design.publishing. Sold my home, and moved to a commercial/residential loft space downtown.

2013 – Completed the first issue of goROGUE and am awaiting its release in April. Will release quarterly in the first year, and intend to keep up conversations by posing questions in each issue and prompting Facebook page engagement in between issues.




After one final delay, it looks like goROGUE will be available in the AppStore this July, 2013. www.gorogue.tv