I left on a Friday morning and arrived on a Wednesday night, driving 5300+ kms from northern Alberta to Prince Edward Island.

I hadn’t been home in 2.5 years. In that time I’d had a second baby and a failed marriage.. retreat was not the only thing I was seeking. Through a number of inspirations and reconnections, I’d come up with the idea for my next book and found a business willing to be my partner.


My concept was essentially a farm-to-table book; feature local food suppliers and the recipes that could be made with those goods. What I found was my old friend, a head chef, who believes so strongly in local fresh foods that she initiated a 100% local menu for the fine food pub she leads. Not only that, the pub is in a beautiful historic building in the downtown waterfront section of Charlottetown, and the owner is one of the best and biggest storytellers I’ve ever met. So, the book is evolving into a narrative cookbook, full of colorful, delicious images, lively tales, and community connections.



An old high school friend, who is now a ghostwriter and aspiring novelist, is collaborating on the project with us. I’m beyond excited about her contribution to the project.